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  Heather Rigby - Certified SimplyHealed (TM) Practitioner      

I have been intrigued by energy work for years.  I have always been drawn to learning more about it.  After years of studying different modalities and  checking in to different things I finally found the SimplyHealed  method.  I was drawn to it because of how truly simple and gracefully you can release stuck emotions.  You don't have to relive any emotions.  We simply figure out what needs to be released and get rid of it.  As I had work done on me I noticed that issues I was dealing with simply went away.  I sometimes forgot that I was even dealing with them.

I love doing this work and the beautiful way that it has helped people change their lives. Simply put -  I love what I do! I look forward to helping people move forward and release negative emotions about different situations they have sometimes had for many years. 

The cool thing about this work is that I can help you no matter where you live.  I recently helped a client who lived across the world and they said the results were amazing.  This work works whether we are sitting in a room together or you are across the world.

Here's what I can help you with:

  • Self Esteem
  • Issues you just can't seem to "Get Over" or that keep coming up
  • Money issues in personal/business life
  • Help with your business
  • Relationships
  • Releasing feelings from childhood issues
  • Confidence speaking in front of groups of people
  • Abuse
  • Illness, aches and pains, allergies
  • Childhood issues.  You can start as young as babies in the womb.
  • Moms who are getting ready to give birth, before and after (fear of birth, pregnancy issues, post partum depression just to name a few)
  • Help you move forward by ridding yourself of feelings that have plagued you and held you back from living the life you know you were meant to live
  • Trauma
  • Animals – Anxiety, depression, issues with aggression, health, etc.  (They are fun to work with because they are so open.)
  • If you don't have any issues you want to work on we can just “tweak” things giving you more clarity and the energy and excitement to move forward.
  • We can pretty much work on anything you can think of. 

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 Clients Testimonials 

             Photo- Rachael Rigby

I had an issue that had plagued me for many years and every time I thought of it I would sink into depression. I went through a session with Heather and it has pretty much become a non issue. It works. I love how genuine and caring Heather is as well. And as she clears I love hearing her reassurance. She is good at what she does!  S

Thank you for working with me last week.  I've had a week to observe the effects of the session.  First off I noticed  feeling more relaxed.   Before the session I felt like stress was creating tension in my body and after speaking with you I felt that lessen considerably.  Being able to hear some of my past issues and fears were now resolved allowed my strong emotions, associated with those memories, to have less control. It was like my body finally had permission to let some of those things go!  The words of affirmation you spoke allowed me to let go of the past and embrace the good in the present. Those words are a gift!  I have created a focus board with those words and I read them everyday.    When I start to get into a cycle of negative self talk am more aware that I can replace those negative thoughts with positive, uplifting ones.  L

Heather has incredible energy and is unequivocally a master of her trade. Each energy session is unique and uncovers a new aspect of energy work. I am happy to have her as a resource as I work through struggles and problems in the journey called life. You will find peace, healing and balance just by talking to Heather and then it just gets better from there!  D

I was really unsure about it before I got there.  As soon as I walked in Heather made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. She explained everything that was going to happen so that I was not surprised.  She had a peaceful demeanor about her. It was easy for me to open up and share my troubles so that she could help me clear them or reduce the stress of them. In the week following my visit with Heather, I felt peace and what I like to call a zen feeling.  I handled what normally would have been stressful situations in a more calm way. I look forward to experiencing more times like that with Heather.  J

Sign up for an appointment today and see just how amazing this work is for yourself!      It doesn't matter where you are -- Offering phone, Skype and in person sessions